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Animal June 3, 2020

Harmony Unleashed

In the collaborative creation of “Harmony Unleashed,” our client embarked on a captivating journey with us. Inspired by the client’s fascination with both the power of a leaping tiger and the elegance of Chinese strings, we embarked on a shared exploration of ideas.

Through thoughtful consultations and brainstorming sessions, we brought their vision to life. The tiger, symbolizing strength and prowess, was meticulously designed to capture the essence of a mid-air leap. To add a touch of cultural richness, the idea of incorporating Chinese strings emerged. These strings, typically used for decoration, became an integral part of the composition, intertwining seamlessly with the tiger’s movement.

As the design evolved, so did the connection between artist and client. The final result, “Harmony Unleashed,” is not just a tattoo but a testament to the collaborative spirit that fuels our creative process. This unique piece reflects the shared vision, passion, and creativity that flourished between our skilled artists and the client, resulting in a masterpiece that tells a story of strength, grace, and cultural fusion.


During the creation of "Harmony Unleashed," we encountered the unique challenge of seamlessly integrating the tiger's dynamic leap with the delicate Chinese strings. Balancing the strength and fluidity of the tiger's movement while ensuring the intricate strings maintained their decorative allure required a delicate dance of design precision. Through innovative solutions and collaborative problem-solving, we conquered the challenge, ultimately enhancing the artwork's narrative and visual impact.

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    Niklas Olafsson

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